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Product Review – Library Thing

One of the nice things about having a baby is the nice way your friends and family support you. You will get onesies and bibs. You will get stuffed animals and diapers. You will get advice. A lot of advice. You will get books. A lot of books. Everyone has their version of a must have baby classic and it turns out when it comes to those classics many people have the same book in mind.

The Mommy turned me on to Library Thing, a new web site that catalogs all the books in your baby’s library. When you share your catalog with friends and family they can easily see the books your baby has already. Library Thing eliminates the awkward pause when you unwrap your fifth copy of The Cat in the Hat, your fourth copy of The Giving Tree or your 17th copy of How to Pay for College in the Year 2027. You can add Library Thing to your baby blog or email the link out. Now stop surfing the Net and read the kid a book.


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