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Blow Out

I’m downstairs trying to catch up on some recorded shows when I get the call. I am needed upstairs in the baby’s room immediately. As I arrive on the scene, The Mommy is holding both of LTD’s legs in the air keeping his back off the changing table. We have just experienced a massive blow out with poo going up the back and down the baby’s legs. One of the main problems with the blow out is that once the poo has past the diaper layer and entered the forbidden zone of the onesie, it is virtually impossible to remove the garment without creating a poo-baby.

The Mommy and I worked like an Indianapolis 500 pit crew. We were fast but messy. The only strategy was to push through and limit the amount of time the poo spent on the baby. In the end, we had a containment breach on the diaper, the onesie and the sleep sack. Afterwards, The Mommy and I reached the same conclusion, no more beer and nachos for LTD before bedtime.

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